Artist Submissions

For artists interested in displaying their work in any of the Grand Bohemian Galleries, the following information must be submitted for review.

  1. Comprehensive artist resume & biography:
    1. Formal credentials (i.e. education, exhibition history, gallery affiliations, grants/awards, sales to major collections, membership in professional organizations).
    2. Personal background (i.e. date and place of birth, currently resides, general work experience, special interests, hobbies, or interesting experiences/travels, persons who have influenced the artist’s work).
  2. Digital photograph(s) of the artist, minimum 300dpi. (Head shot and/or artist in studio).
  3. Digital photographs for artwork submission:
    1. Minimum 300dpi and of professional quality, no flash reflections or un-cropped edges.
    2. Use “titles and dimensions” as file name (ex.FourSeasons11x14.jpeg)
  4. Description of artworks submitted:
    1. Title of collection or theme.
    2. Medium used.
    3. Motivation or inspiration — What is the artist trying to express in the work? What attracted the artist to that subject?
  5. Digital signature at minimum 300dpi (if available).


Please tell us about yourself

Someone will contact you regarding uploading your artwork