Axis Mundi

Original, Oil on Birch


A note from the artist:


Axis Mundi - The connection between heaven and earth, where the four compass directions meet.

The hand at two square points represents the cardinal directions and the foot at the other two points represents the cardinal directions (mirroring the Vitruvian man, which served as a depiction of the human as the world axis and alchemical mixture of squaring the circle).

The Vine shall have four squares that will look like diamonds and twelve flowers representing the zodiac.

The cypher will have something to do with the concept that the center of the Earth is everywhere where your point of reference is.  In the ancient concept, the axis mundi was typically a mountain or the highest object that raised into the sky. My premise is that the axis mundi is the highest point in one's self, able to be reached from anywhere on the Earth.

Every point is center and surface.

Product Dimensions: 10 x 10