Sanctus Compositio

Original, Oil On Canvas


“Sanctus Compositio” or the “Sacred Composition or Arrangement” or the Oil of the Earth.


In this piece a man is shown walking out from darkness and the depths entering into light.  The ground is filled with pine needles and is totally void of plant life.  He has come upon an arrangement of three seeds.  In his hand he holds a gourd full of water and a vine growing from the vessel. 


The figure represents an allegory for water (h2o).  His robe is a light blue which represents the fluid airy properties of water, he is shown bringing forth the vessel of water in this dry land in order to sprout the seeds at his feet.  The bag of dead twigs represents the malnourished nature of his journey from the darkness which is shown resting right next to the vessel of nourishment he holds in his hands. 


The archway above his head is a representation of the chemical composition of the water molecule.  The two larger circular gold leaf patterns represent the hydrogen molecules bursting forth with energy and the center circle representing an oxygen molecule around which the two hydrogens are bonded.


The three seeds are a mirroring of the waters molecular structure which relies on three atoms.  Just as the water is sacred to the plant, the plant is sacred to the human, which is why the human is shown as an allegory for water and depicted under an archway reminiscent of religious devotional imagery. 


And if you want to get technical with everything, the source sacred to the water which created it when our earth formed many millions of years ago is also represented.  The sun, which is sacred to the plant, water, and human is depicted as the oxygen molecule in the center of the archway; it is depicted as the ancient symbol for the sun which is a circle with a dot in the center.  The hydrogen molecules also represent the rays of the sun reaching down to give life to everything below the archway (the man, plant, and water). 

Product Dimensions: 2 x 4