Julie Messerschmidt \ Biography

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Acting on a strong urge to develop her life-long interest in drawing, Julie first picked up a paint brush in 1995. Watercolor was her medium of choice, and her passion for painting developed quickly. Living in the Boston area, she was able to study with well known artists from the long established group of painters working in Rockport, MA, as well as at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Julie relocated to Tampa, FL in 2000, where she quickly received acclaim and numerous awards for her vibrant floral watercolors. "I enjoyed watercolor, by my love of Old Master's work, especially still life compelled me to oil painting."  In 2005, during a trip to Florence, Italy, Julie learned about the Florence Academy of Art and knew immediately that she wanted to study there one day. ”The beautiful craftsmanship exhibited by artists at the Academy was breathtaking and I fell in love with the work I saw.” In 2007, Julie realized her goal to study at the renowned Academy. She continues to study and learn from the work of classically trained contemporary artists, Paul S. Brown, Jeffrey Larsen, Sarah Lamb, Jacob Collins, Christopher Groves and David Leffel.

Admitting to a passion for cooking and eating well, Julie’s themes often revolve around her love of food, and are complimented by interesting objects she finds browsing fleas markets and antique stores. Julie and her husband reside in Charleston, SC, where she can indulge her passions for good food, history and fine art.