Oksana Buckley \ Biography

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Oksana was raised and educated in Ukraine in the South of the country near the Black Sea and lived much of her adult life in Odessa. Odessa is a culturally rich city on the sea and is a major entertainment and recreation destination for many Ukrainians.

In 2010 Oksana moved to the USA and now brings her love of all things beautiful to you! Between her accounting and engineering degrees, being able to speak three languages and her ability to produce these couture pieces Oksana is indeed a multi-talented artist. Her art is a reflection of her passion for sharing with others. With an eye for beauty in all places and things, Oksana is known to take thousands of photos while on vacation or a new place to use as inspiration in her work.

Oksana’s pieces are made from the finest pearls, crystals and beads from the Czech Republic, Japan and Austria including stunning elements from Swarovski. Some take a week or weeks to create. Nothing is simply assembled as the artist spends much time selecting each bead for her creations. When in creation mode it is not uncommon for Oksana to spend a complete day perfecting one item from idea to perfection and never knowing what time it is until completion or to a next step.

Her creations are made with the smallest and most precise seed beads produced for an amazing luxurious finish. She also utilizes beads which are finished in .925 Sterling and 24K Gold. Even the backsides of her pieces have an artistic appearance, and collectors may be tempted to turn them over and wear them backwards as well.