Laurent Guillot \ Biography

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Laurent Guillot is an artist who works in lucite, crystal and glass.  He began his training in painting restoration, where he mastered a variety of techniques including foil and gold leaf, painting and developed the knowledge to layer multiple techniques.  He combines these techniques with transparency and his sense of proportion which results in a bold, contemporary and modern style.  The bold and clean lines allow the light to be projected with strength and subtlety.

Experimentation is key wtih Laurent's process, which is evident in his unique style.  Using Lucite and manipulating each piece by hand, Laurent gives thought to each piece, shape is very important.  Once the material has been individually shaped, he finishes each piece with layers of paint or foil. Over the course of his career, Laurent has worked with some of the most notable fashion designers which has influenced his perspective as an artist.  For over 25 years he's worked with Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Courreges, Guy Laroche, Baccarat, Swarovski and many others. 

Laurent's wearable art is featured at Grand Bohemian Gallery, Charleston.