Maree Nicholson \ Biography

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Nicholson is a classically trained ceramicist specializing in porcelain. Ceramics has been her preferred medium of art for many years, and especially enjoys working with porcelain clay. She prefers its smooth white texture, which she transposes into flowing, organic curves which reflect a fluid visual movement.

Nicholson creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces, often thematic in design. Her work begins with a classic shape thrown individually on the potter’s wheel transforming soft clay into sculptural forms. Nicholson says, "When my work is perceived as pleasing, contemporary, sculptural and original, then I have been successful."

Nicholson grew up in the Catskill Mountains of New York and graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Fashion Design. She earned a Master of Arts degree in art education and has taught ceramic and jewelry courses on the college level in New York state. More recently, she has taught classes and workshops at the Gibbes Museum Art School in Charleston